Rubye & Ola celebrates character in vintage items

Rubye & Ola, a vintage home decor and gifts boutique located on East Main Street, hosts a variety of gently-used furniture and other knick-knacks that have been restored or decorated by the owners. Alyssa Pointer/HERALD

Andrew Henderson

Rubye & Ola is a little store searching for big history through the items that adorn its shelves. 

Mother-daughter pair Leigh Prickett and Hannah Rivers search for story and character behind the vintage home décor and gifts in the store. Rubye & Ola, located at 310 E. Main St., is focused on putting a different perspective on everyday items. 

Rivers said she highly values the unique items in the store as she sees many of them having a story behind them. She said that while working in the store, she often thinks of where many of the items have been and what meaning they’ve had to other people.

“The thought of something having so much…character behind it is cool,” Rivers said. 

The store sells items like jewelry, furniture, candles, mirrors and other decorative household items and antiques. 

Rivers said that the store has been open for almost four months, since July 24. She said that the unique name for the store came from her great grandmother’s name, Rubye, and the name of her husband’s grandmother, Ola.  

Rivers said Prickett used to own a store in Alabama that was similar to Rubye & Ola and that further paved the path to the creation of their store. 

Rivers used to work in Nashville at an interior design company, but didn’t enjoy it. This prompted Prickett’s suggestion that the two go into business together. Seeing that they both had similar interests, opening a store together was a sensible move. 

“We’ve always loved making old things new and making older things more relevant,” Rivers said. 

Prickett commented that their family had always been interested in that kind of artistic expression. Crafting together started as a hobby and slowly evolved into a business. Rivers recalled the creative nature of her mother and how she often encouraged her children to take older things and put a new spin on them. 

“We’ve always been sort of a crafty family,” Prickett said. 

Using their love of older items with character, they incorporated this ideal into a functional business. Rivers said that the store further serves to showcase some items Bowling Green citizens may not be familiar with.  

“We want to offer a store that is unique and offers some vintage inspiration,” Rivers said. 

Rivers said that what the store represents would be a great fit for college students. Prickett echoed these thoughts, saying she thinks a small, family-oriented business that strives to be its own independent entity would really draw people to it. 

“It’s not Walmart, it’s not Target — you’re going to find different pieces here that are fun for your dorm or are fun gifts to give people,” Rivers said. 

Prickett is looking forward to the Christmas season as she hopes the store will be busy with people looking to purchase gifts for loved ones. 

Rubye & Ola’s unofficial mascot, Dolly the Yorkie, welcomes all of their customers during their hours of 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. 

This Saturday, the store will also be part of Bowling Green’s first handmade vintage marketplace from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Crossland Community Church.