BG Eats: Mas tacos por favor

John Greer

Taqueria Sinai offers up a traditional and tasty iteration for those who have never tried a Mexican street taco. 

On Clay Street, one can find a small number of taquerias and Mexican groceries selling all manner of authentic Mexican foods. Taqueria Sinai is a nondescript white building, and the interior is just as ordinary as the exterior. There are a few shelves of grocery items on the left and a small arrangement of tables to the right. 

You won’t find any chips and salsa waiting for you upon your arrival, and you wont find a menu that contains any price listings or popular Tex-Mex favorites like fajitas and chimichangas. It serves and sells tortillas that are made by a Mexican grocery just down the street. 

The tacos are simplistic in their preparation. Two warm, slightly charred corn tortillas encase a small mound of savory seasoned grilled meat. Each taco is topped with chopped onion and cilantro and served with a lime wedge.

In appearance, the taco al pastor immediately stands out. The fiery red hue of the seasoned pork resembles the same color of a flaming hot Cheeto. The meat is succulent with a slightly spicy seasoning.  Cilantro imparts a subtle herbal tone that accentuates the flavor of the meat. Diced raw onion adds a small measure of astringency. 

Bottles of red and green salsa are available. A splash of either adds a potent spicy tang that undercuts the meatiness of the tacos. 

The tongue and stomach tacos are much more appetizing than their ingredients might imply. They’re slightly browned and crispy and offer a textural diversity that the taco al pastor lacks. The meat is still tender, and the flavor is thankfully not reminiscent of the fact that these are innards. 

While they are delicious in their simplicity, the tacos are very traditional. They are not spectacular or ground breaking. Yet as far as Mexican food is concerned, these really succeed in being tasty, filling and cheap. Taqueria Sinai makes one satisfying taco.