SGA discusses ways to improve campus

Executive Vice President Nolan Miles addresses attendees at the Student Government Association meeting in the newly constructed SGA senate chambers in the Downing Student Union on on Sept. 23, 2014. Prior to this year, SGA meetings were held in Cravens Library. William Kolb/HERALD

Lashana Harney

Campus improvements were a focal point in Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting.

Bill 4-14-F, Funding for the Campus Improvements Committee’s Dot Survey Event, was passed. The idea behind the bill is to assess ways in which the student body would like to see the campus improved via survey. 

The bill allocated about $39 to the Campus Improvements Committee for materials that will be used in the surveying process to determine student suggestions for campus improvements. 

Henderson graduate student Elizabeth McGrew, the bill’s author, said she doesn’t feel like there’s a good understanding of what students want to improve on campus. 

The money allocated will come from the legislative discretionary funds. This money will be used to purchase flip charts and multi-colored dots to use during the survey process. 

“All they have to do is a pick a sticker, look at the four options and put it on there,” said McGrew.

McGrew said having students take surveys online takes too much time out of their day and they are less likely to participate. 

“I think doing it visibly is more engaging and students are more likely to respond,” McGrew said.

The survey will be conducted in the coming weeks. 

In SGA committee reports, Campus Improvements Committee Chair Tyler Scaff said the committee arranged a commuter-focus group meeting with Parking and Transportation Services to discuss parking issues for commuters on Thursday at 1 p.m. 

The committee is also investigating buildings with limited handicapped accessibility. 

“We’re looking into it and seeing if we can get a resolution up by the end of the semester,” said Scaff. 

The next SGA meeting will be Sept. 30.