BG Eats: Patties Pack a Punch

Kahuna burger and sweet potato fries at Burgers and Bun located at 729 Chestnut St. Alyssa Pointer/HERALD

John Greer

Burger and Bun aims to serve the best burgers in town. It isn’t quite there yet, but it’s not too far off. 

The restaurant is housed in a remodeled house, giving it an intimate feel. The floor plan’s openness prevents the atmosphere from feeling too stuffy. If the presence of several elevated televisions seems like an odd choice, along with the rest of the interior, rest assured that it doesn’t distract from the experience either. 

Meals are served with an unlimited basket of house-made kettle chips. Their texture, which ranges from an airy chewiness to a crisp crunch, is spot on. The salty potato taste captures the essence of a great potato chip. The lack of any sauce besides store-bought ketchup is disappointing, but the chips are still very good.  

Burger and Bun’s menu mainly focuses on classic burger combinations, but it does pursue more adventurous flavor avenues. The Kahuna burger comes with pineapple salsa, an onion ring, pepper jack cheese and a Caribbean sauce. 

The focus here is clearly on the beef. Its charred, blackened exterior yields to a tender meatiness that gives the burger a real feeling of substance. Chunks of pineapple cut the richness of the burger with their exotic brand of sweet, acidic tang, as does the spicy pepper jack cheese. A single fried onion ring supplies a crunchy textural element. 

While the flavor combination is an adept choice, the scarcity of these toppings leaves it feeling unbalanced. By making the beef the star, the burger fails to form a cohesive whole. Bites that include every single element are delicious, but just as often, they consist solely of burger and bun.

Unfortunately, the side of sweet potato fries doesn’t receive the same level of execution as the free chips. While their brown-orange color invites the expectation that they’ll provide the needed fried crunch, they end up disappointing. The salty-sweet flavor of these fries is pleasant, but the soft texture underwhelms. 

The quality beef and house-made chips at Burger and Bun make it a decent option for those wanting to try a more upscale burger. It just needs a little more flavor.