How do you like your eggs?

Egg Benedict from Wild Eggs. Alyssa Pointer/HERALD

John Greer

Amid a glut of similar diner-style breakfast joints, the recently opened Wild Eggs provides Bowling Green patrons with a uniquely satisfying morning and early afternoon option. 

It’s immediately apparent upon entering Wild Eggs that the décor loyally adheres to the restaurant’s name. Adorning the muted, pastel walls of the restaurant are stark close-ups of playfully arranged eggs. 

Most of the restaurant’s interior design focuses on this iconic oval shape. This ranges from the cascade of multicolored eggs encased in glass to the egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers that sit on every table. 

One look at the menu also underscores the theme. While Wild Eggs serves breakfast staples like biscuits, gravy, oatmeal and pancakes, it also offers more amusing and inventive egg-based dishes that draw inspiration from international cuisines. 

The food succeeds in rising to the expectations of the upscale décor and enticing menu.  

Because of the difficulty involved in poaching eggs and making hollandaise sauce, the eggs Benedict is one of the hardest dishes to perfect in the breakfast kitchen. It represents a good test of Wild Egg’s culinary quality.  

The Kalamity Katie’s Border Benedict consists of chorizo-topped, green-chili-cheddar corn cakes, two poached eggs, queso fundido, pico de gallo, sour cream, green onions, avocado and a side of skillet potatoes. 

As with any eggs Benedict, the richness of the runny yolks shine through, but the overarching theme is balance.

The corn cakes’ sweetness contrasts nicely with the spicy layer of chorizo sausage laid overtop. The bright acidity of the pico de gallo prevents the fattiness of the yolks and queso fundido from overwhelming the dish. 

The only minor misstep can be found with the potatoes. While flavorful, they failed to provide the crispy textural component that could have lifted the meal to greater heights.   

Fortunately, Wild Eggs more than ably fills Bowling Green’s upscale breakfast and brunch void. The food justifies repeat visits.