Greek Feud tests knowledge of Greek community

Morganfield senior Coleman West of Farmhouse fraternity (left), La Grange sophomore Colton Hounshell of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity (center), and Lexington freshman Marshal Aiken of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity compete in an ice cream eating challenge during Greek Feud Tuesday at the Downing Student Union auditorium. (Mike Clark/HERALD)

Kayla Boyd

Greek Week is rife with excitement and challenges to honor the individual organizations and celebrate philanthropy. Sunday introduced Spring Sing, Monday kicked off a week-long blood drive and Tuesday tested knowledge of each sorority’s and fraternity’s knowledge of all things Greek and WKU.

Greek Feud, held in the Downing Student Union on Tuesday night, was highly anticipated by all members of the Greek community. The lobby outside the auditorium filled with Greek letter tees over an hour before the event began. Shortly after the doors opened, the place was packed, as girls greeted one another and guys found their brothers.

In the Jeopardy-style game, each chapter nominated a member to represent their organization. Through four rounds of questions, four nominees from the sororities or fraternities were quizzed at a time. The contestants were drilled on their knowledge of mascots to colors, WKU’s history to founding days.

Not so Jeopardy-esque were the physical challenges, essentially replacing Daily Double tiles, demanding tasks such as eating a cup of ice cream, stacking Hostess Brands Ding Dongs on their foreheads, and eating a jar of baby food.

The competition got more silly0 as the rounds advanced, but the knowledge each participant possessed about their organization, the University, and other fraternities and sororities was impressive.

Emily Goodin, a sophomore from Louisville, attended to support her sorority’s participant. Kappa Delta entered Lendee Sanchez of Somerset.

“I really enjoyed Greek Feud and it amazed me how much all of the contestants knew about other organizations,” Goodin said. “I even learned some things.”

Alpha Xi Delta’s contestant Emily Deep, a senior from Louisville, said she prepared for Greek Feud by making flashcards and having people quiz her on material she expected to encounter.

Deep’s alternate, Georgie Vetter said knowing the other chapter’s histories is necessary. The Louisville sophomore described the game as a mix of Jeopardy and Family Feud.

A winner won’t be declared until Convocation on Sunday. At the end of the week, Greek Week winners will be determined for all events. The ceremony will wrap up the whole week and give chapters a chance to shine. It allows the entire Greek community to come together and appreciate each other as a Greek.