SGA hosts campus wide safety walk

Leah Brown

The Student Government Association will be holding a campus safety walk on Thursday April 24 at Centennial Mall at 6:30 pm. 

This is an opportunity for students to walk around campus and address SGA with their safety concerns. 

“The purpose of this event is to promote safety,” President Keyana Boka said. 

Students should let SGA know if there is any area on campus where they feel unsafe, whether if it is because it is a dark or unstable area. 

On Monday, SGA kicked off Earth Week by planting a community garden at the office of sustainability. 

Boka said the event was a great way to represent SGA and work together to help the community.

“It was amazing to see how much progress we made in a few hours with so many helping hands,” Boka said. 

The garden will be maintained by the SGA Campus Improvement committee and will grow tomatoes, squash, sunflowers and peppers. 

In her report at the meeting, Boka also spoke about student enrollment. 

International enrollment is up by 43 percent in the past two years, Boka said. Summer enrollment is also up 37 students which is a good indictor for the fall semester she said. 

Mid-Continent University, a college in Mayfield, Kentucky, recently announced its closing which may boost WKU’s enrollment next semester. 

She also announced that the Downing Student Union is in its final phase of construction. 

Four bills were passed at the meeting Tuesday night. 

Bill 12-14-S which allocates $200 for the Identification Vouchers Program passed. As well as Bill 13-14-S which allocates $6,178.14 to financially assist students who participate in Summer Term courses and Bill 14-14-S which gives $500 to the Green River Grotto.

SGA suspended their bylaws to move Bill 15-14-S into first read. They passed the bill which gives $150 to the SGA and Office of Sustainability Earth Week planting party that took place Monday.

SGA will vote new week on Bill 16-14-S and Resolution 16-14-S. 

Speaker Paige Settles said that Vicky Roas, the executive director of Health Services was unable to attend Tuesday night’s meeting but plans to reschedule.