Attempted robbery occurs in Adams Lot

Herald staff

A WKU text alert was sent out at 9:12 p.m. on Tuesday.

WKUPD officials confirmed the text was sent because of an attempted robbery, though all the text did not go through initially. A second text was sent out several minutes later clarifying the first alert.

The three suspects were three black males. One was wearing a black vest, grey WKU hoodie and jeans. The second was wearing a grey WKU hoodie with red and white letters and black gym shorts. The third was wearing “UNK” clothing, according to the text. One individual was carrying a knife.

The attempted robbery is currently under investigation. 

Dominic Ossello, communications officer for WKUPD, said the complainant, Justin Compton, is not a WKU student.

“He was riding his bicycle around campus when three black males approached him and they produced a knife and told him to give them what he had,” Ossello said. “He rode away on his bicycle and that’s when he contacted police. So it was an attempted robbery. They did not actually get anything. The force was the visual of the knife without a threat of any actual violence.”