New fighter wins Sigma Chi Fight Night

Bowling Green sophomore Chase Proctor runs up and down the bleachers of Bowling Green High School’s football stadium while training for Sigma Chi Fight Night. Proctor was the starting linebacker for Bowling Green’s state championship team in 2011. (Ian Maule/HERALD)

Leah Brown & Srijita Chattopadhyay

The boxer took his last punch in the championship match and the crowd went wild. Reigning Fight Night champion, Kyle Dahl, lost his title Friday night to new champion Bowling Green sophomore Chase Proctor. 

To an unfamiliar passerby, Proctor, 20, is just an average student. But to those involved in Sigma Chi’s Fight Night, he is a fighter.

The two-day “Battle of the Greeks” event, also known as Fight Night, took place over the weekend to raise money for cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This is their ninth time hosting the tournament.

Fight Night provided the Bowling Green sophomore with a platform to achieve one of his many goals – fighting. Being an amateur to this sport didn’t stop him from giving it his best. 

“I feel I am in good condition,” Proctor said. “My studies aren’t too focused, so I thought it would be fun to go out and do it.”

Greek organizations each sponsored a fighter in the event. Kappa Delta sorority sponsored the two boxers in the final match.

Proctor said he was surprised when Kappa Delta asked to sponsor him. He had asked multiple sororities before to sponsor him, but they told him they weren’t able to.

“I am going to do it as one and done thing,” he said. “It’s just something I wanted to try, but it’s not something that I want to make it an annual thing. But while I am doing it I will give it my fullest.”

Proctor has been practicing for the past two months and gets his inspiration and determination from Muhammad Ali. 

“I watch Muhammad Ali a lot and just try to emulate what he does,” Proctor said.

Even though Proctor was confident and proud of himself for being a part of Fight Night, he was extremely nervous and terrified as well.

“There were fifteen hundred people,” Proctor said. “And a lot of people I knew were there. I felt the crowd on my side. But I was nervous, I tried to tell people I was not, but I really was. It was good nervous.”

After watching Sigma Chi’s Fight Night last year, he knew that he could get in the ring this year and win the whole tournament.

“When I got up to fight I told myself, this is what I wanted,” he said. “It’s here. Let’s do it. And I ended up winning.”

The key to Proctor’s success at Fight Night was the unconditional support provided by his family and friends, such as his cousin Lincoln Chasteen. 

“I already knew that he was ready, so I was not surprised,” Chasteen said. 

Proctor also found support from his girlfriend, Hendersonville, Tenn. senior Kristen Robinson. 

“I was so nervous, especially the first night, but more than anything, I was extremely excited for him,” Robinson said. “It was definitely an emotion I never felt before. I knew he’d do great.”

The thought of losing never entered Proctor’s mind.

“Even if I didn’t get to win, I wouldn’t have been upset,” he said. “I would be thinking that ‘he deserved it; he probably worked harder than I did.’

 “So if I wanted to be doing these things, I better start putting more time and effort in order to get there,” Proctor said.

Alex Neihoff Sigma Chi’s philanthropy chair said he wasn’t surprised to see Proctor win.

“I was happy to see Chase win. He trained hard for the event and I’m happy with the outcome,” Neihoff said.

The event was held at the Jaycees Pavilion, or the Blue Dome, both nights.

“It’s an event that all Greeks can agree is better than any party,” Louisville sophomore Chris Peege, Sigma Chi member said.

The event raised $10,000 Thursday night alone through ticket sales.  In previous years, that was the around the total amount the event made over the course of both nights. 

Sigma Chi’s goal was to raise $20,000 at the event. Neihoff said they made around $26,000.

An estimated 1,500-2,000 people were at Fight Night each night.

Georgetown senior Elizabeth Mulholland said there were many fights Thursday night, but only seven on Friday night.

Mulholland, one of Sigma Chi’s ring girls, said this was her second year being a ring girl. Fight Night is the last event in Sigma Chi’s Derby Days.  Kappa Delta sorority accumulated the most points throughout the week and won an “Italian Wedding” with the fraternity.

Proctor said the atmosphere was overwhelming with excitement before, during and after the fight as he competed in the event. Since he’s from Bowling Green, he had a lot of supporters cheering him on in the crowd.

“It was fun to see all my friends be so proud of me,” Proctor said.