SGA releases semester budget

Leah Brown

The Student Government Association released its 2013-2014 budget on Tuesday. 

The organization budgeted $125,000, and has a surplus amount of $46,883.62 leftover. 

“Our budget hasn’t changed that much since last December,” administrative vice president Nicki Seay said.

The budget allocates a certain amount of dollars to the legislative and executive branches, to public relations, to various programs and for supplies. 

“We’re doing pretty good on funds,” Seay said. “I definitely have a lot more funds to allocate back out to the student body.” 

Since SGA doesn’t have Aramark credit, Seay said all catering costs will come straight from its budget.

Seay said a few new things added to the budget are Healthy Days, organization bills, plastic bins and stock photos.  

SGA had to spend almost $100 in the executive discretionary budget on plastic tubs to move items from its office in Cravens because of the flooding. 

SGA allocates $54,000 to the legislative branch to spend on things such as organizational aid and grants.

In his report, student affairs council chair Barrett Greenwell said the library will soon provide hard-copy study materials for the MCAT, LSAT and CLEP tests. 

Hannah Neeper, Elizabeth Gribbins, AJ Stewart and Ratlale “David” Mokone were approved for presidential appointments. Neeper, Gribbins and Stewart were all appointed as senators, while Mokone was appointed to the position of student research committee representative.

Seth Church said in his judicial council report that six new senate seats are now open. 

SGA passed Bill 3-14-S which allocates money to various organizations on campus.

SGA suspended its bylaws to pass Resolution 3-14-S which supports WKU in administering the Campus Pride Index, a nonprofit organization. 

The Campus Pride Index’s goal is to improve the quality of life for LGBT community and help campuses become more LGBT-friendly. 

“It helps administrators and staff understand what they’re not doing for queer students,” author of the bill Andrew Salman said.