Women recognized for campus contributions

John Corum

Women across WKU’s campus are too often unrecognized for their feats of character and tenacity. The second annual Women Everywhere Rock Awards Banquet, sponsored by the undergraduate Zeta Phi Beta sorority chapter, seeks to change this.

Crystal Hardeman, coordinator for Student Activities for Leadership and Volunteerism and faculty advisor for the undergraduate Zeta Phi Beta chapter, said the banquet aims to celebrate women and their contributions to society.

“What it’s intended to do is to highlight the accomplishments and the things that women do on this campus or in the Bowling Green community, but specifically on this campus,” Hardeman said.

Hardeman said this recognition helps women further pursue their identity by affirming their value.

“The whole purpose in doing this is to uplift. Sometimes as women we forget how valuable and precious we are,” Hardeman said.

Women on campus often overcome tremendous adversity in the pursuit of their dreams, Hardeman explained. The banquet aims to remind them of those accomplishments.

“We carry a lot on our shoulders, between taking care of our families and having a career. But being able to do that with grace…sometimes I’m in awe by how strong women are when it comes to pursuing the things they want to do,” Hardeman said.

Zeta Phi Beta student representative Keira Martin said the banquet is an opportunity to reward and encourage women on campus.

“It gives recognition to the women who do so much on campus. It shines a light on them,” Martin said.

The banquet accepts nominations of potential award recipients beforehand. Undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty members and university associates are all eligible for consideration.

Out of over 20 nominations, eight will receive recogni- tion at the banquet next Thursday.