Fraternities grow beards, mustaches for charity

Rockfield, Ky. Brad Lyons puts a layer of shaving cream on Louisville junior Zack Van Zant face at Classic Cuts and Shaves on saturday.

Trey Crumbie

Beards and mustaches were shaved away earlier today in the first step of a month long fundraiser for two WKU fraternities.

Members of Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) and Lambda Chi Alpha flocked to Classic Cuts and Shaves on 320 East Main Ave. for No Shave November, using the month and their facial hair to raise money and awareness in the fight against cancer.

In exchange for a donation, men were able to cleanse their faces and start anew with a shave. The fraternity members will then continue to raise funds throughout the month as their new beards continue to grow.

The donations will go to Gabe’s Chemo Duck, an educational program that helps kids and families living with cancer. One of the unique facts about the program is that it uses a stuffed duck to assist kids in understanding what will happen to their bodies during the chemotherapy process.

Brentwood, Tenn., senior Jason White, a member of Fiji, has a sister who was diagnosed with cancer in 2009.

White said he has a personal connection to Gabe’s Chemo Duck. His sister received one of the stuffed ducks from Gabe’s Chemo Duck and his dad was asked to serve on the board for the program.

“The Gabe’s Chemo Duck foundation has a close place to our family’s heart,” White said.

White said it’s a lot easier to raise funds for awareness when someone is directly affected.

“I think whenever you have somebody that can directly relate to something, it is less cheesier to get people motivated and get people to stand behind a cause,” White said. “I think that’s the role that I played was getting people to stand behind something because now there’s a face that people can put behind the event.”

Another member of Fiji, Leitchfield junior Wesley Trail, said he liked coming together with another fraternity to kick-off the event.

“We have several close connections with Lambda Chi,” Trail said. “So we thought it would be a great opportunity for us to build an even stronger relationship with them and also do something for an amazing cause.”

The month long fundraising event will end with a ‘beard pageant’ that will occur on Dec. 6.

“We’ll have a panel of judges and different categories to award people based on those categories,” Trail said.

In addition to getting a fresh shave, members were welcome to stay for food or enjoy a game of beanbag toss.

Terry Bryson, a Bowling Green native who works at Classic Cuts and Shaves, said he didn’t mind working after hours for the event.

“We’re here to raise money for a good cause,” Bryson said. “It’s not really considered work at all.”

Fiji member Zach Miller, a London sophomore said he hopes the event will continue.

“I hope we keep doing it year after year,” Miller said.