Petrino looking for consistency at Georgia State

WKU’s Bobby Petrino shouts at the referee during their game against Morgan State at Western Kentucky University on Saturday, September 21, 2013. Western would go on to win 58-17. 

Elliott Pratt

Coach Bobby Petrino continues to be impressed with his players’ attitude and work ethic Sunday through Friday of game week. Saturdays, on the other hand, have been a different story.

In the last two losses, WKU outscored Louisiana-Lafayette and Troy 33-23 in the first half, but the second half has swayed to a 46-13 decision to the Toppers’ opponent. 

That, of course, is something coach has not been pleased with as WKU is stuck at 4-4 heading into Saturday’s game against Georgia State.

“If you want to talk about the frustration part for me is that why sometimes we take it and do everything perfect and go down and score, and then come back and get in a position to score again and hurt ourselves,” Petrino said. “We’ve got to work at not hurting ourselves, whether it’s jumping offsides, a holding penalty, turning the ball over. We’ve found a lot of ways on how not to score. What we need to find is how to get it into the end zone.”

WKU’s inconsistency in the red zone will be a point of emphasis. Kicker Garrett Schwettman’s four field goals were a season high for the sophomore and while the coaches know that points are good, they would much rather get six instead of three. 

Offensive coordinator Jeff Brohm echoed Petrino’s “frustrations”, but says the team has pin-pointed the mistakes.

“It has been frustrating, but I think we’ve identified the problems and now it’s just a matter of getting better and finding ways to get yards when you need it,” Brohm said.