Symphony at WKU plays concert at Jackson’s Orchard

Kristina Burton

ackson’s Orchard held their annual Symphony Day last Saturday, and Philpot sopho- more Rebecca Volk loved the beautiful experience the or- chard offered.

“I walked outside, and it felt like fall had finally arrived,” Volk said. “They also had this sparkling pond and the sym- phony played right beside it. It was gorgeous.”

Volk said she also enjoyed the different musical selec-

tions the Symphony at WKU performed.

“Children were really ex- cited because they played selections from “Up,” “Brave” and other Pixar films,” Volk said. “They also had a medley from “Les Miserables,” which I really enjoyed. The audience was trying not to sing along because it was so pretty.”

Owensboro freshman Land- on Case, a third chair viola player in the Symphony at WKU, said he enjoyed playing the selections members of the audience loved.

“The concert itself was a lot of really fun music to play because it wasn’t classical, structured music, but it still had its level of difficulty,” Case said.

Bill Scott, conductor and music director of the Sym- phony at WKU, said three orchestras played at the or- chard on Saturday.

One of the exciting mo- ments of the day happened while the Bowling Green High School orchestra was per- forming.

“There was a snake in the

middle of the orchestra,” Scott said. “One of the girls that was performing went ahead and picked it up and removed it and then came back to play again. It was really unusual.”

Case said the high school or- chestra students seemed very happy to be a part of Sympho- ny Day.

“They all had beaming smiles while they were getting set up,” Case said.

Scott said there was a huge turnout for Symphony Day. He said the event would help to spread the word about both

the Symphony at WKU and the high school orchestras in theBowlingGreenarea.

He said he enjoyed the ca- sual feel of the concert com- pared to an orchestra concert in an auditorium.

“People were walking around and sitting in lawn chairs and on picnic blan- kets,” Scott said. “People weren’t just behind the con- ductor like they typically would be during a concert — they were on all sides and could even walk behind the orchestra.”