Let bold accessories spice up your fall looks

Senior Monta Reinfelde models a fur scarf and watch by Michael Kors along with a Bracelet and ring by Guess. (TYLER ESSARY/HERALD)

Monta Reinfelde

As I rushed to my upcoming class in the Mass Media and Technology Hall on Tuesday, a couple of exquisitely dressed girls were strolling past the bell tower, and I couldn’t help but notice the looks and attention they were getting.

Dressed head-to-toe in black and rocking chunky gold necklaces and bracelets, they looked like they were from the coolest designers catalogues. It was certainly a good and inspirational start to my day. Otherwise, the lack of ideas for the fashion column lately was giving me a headache.

For the rest of the day, I undertook the responsibility to research what accessories are popular among the girls on our campus and came to the following conclusion:

I hadn’t noticed before how many girls on WKU campus actually wear accessories. Bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings tend to be small. Therefore, they are not the first thing somebody would notice, in contrast with the massive costume jewelry I saw in the morning.

My absolute favorite piece of jewelry that I’ve seen on campus are watches, styles ranging from large and golden made of plastic or metal, to smaller ones with a leather band, to sporty and colorful.

Lately, there hasn’t been a day where I didn’t wear one because without it, I feel naked. No wonder my mood was completely ruined when the Michael Kors watch I ordered a week ago was not delivered today.

Continuing with my campus research on accessories, necklaces are the least worn, while bracelets are highly preferred.

The same as watches, styles of bracelets fell into three categories:

Glamorous – usually made of metal in gold or silver, mostly chunky rather than lean.

Bohemian – usually stacked and made of leather and colorful stones in deep jewel colors.

Sporty – the same colorful, rubber, Nike ones, which I remember wearing six years ago. Yes, somebody still has them!

Overall, I am pleased that the girls on our campus wear nice and stylish accessories. It’s so easy to make the outfit look better by adding a piece a jewelry to personalize the look.

I can’t wait when winter comes and the range of accessories will get wider. Personally, I am planning on purchasing a beanie hat – something I have been wanting to try out for such a long time now – as well as my new watch, which is hopefully on its way to me.

However, in the mean time, keep up your good work on accessorizing and looking for new ways to make your outfits unique. I really need ideas for new fashion stories, and those ideas are coming from you guys.