Frozen yogurt rounds out campus dining options

Corbin, Ky. freshman Megan Cole and Louisville sophomore Kelsey Dudding sample flavors of frozen yogurt at the new YoBlendz location at Downing Student Union on Tuesday, September 17.

Jackson French

Students looking for a snack on campus now have frozen yogurt as an option thanks to the recent opening of YoBlendz in the Downing Student Union.

Steve Hoyng, resident district manager for Aramark, said the frozen yogurt shop, located next to Fresh Food Company in DSU, opened last Monday.

He said the YoBlendz and JuiceBlendz locations on campus are franchises WKU bought from a parent company based in Florida.

Hoyng said their presence on campus brings more variety to WKU’s dining options.

“It provides a different option for the students, and we try to provide as many options as we can,” he said.

Gary Meszaros, Auxiliary Services director, said JuiceBlendz, located in the Pearce-Ford Tower Food Court, helps to provide a healthier dining option on campus.

“It’s perceived as a little healthier,” he said. “They try to do a lot of fresh ingredients and things like that.

“YoBlendz is like Stakz or that Sweet Cece’s. It’s the trend now of the yogurt desserts with your own toppings.”

Meszaros said JuiceBlendz and YoBlendz are part of the “total package of all our different choices that we have to offer on campus.”

YoBlendz was originally scheduled to be open by the beginning of classes, but construction delays put its opening behind schedule, Hoyng said.

He said many of YoBlendz’s features, such as the counter, had to be custom-built, which led to delays.

“When you custom make something in construction, it takes awhile, and YoBlendz had special colors and special things they wanted,” Hoyng said.

Though they are already open for business, Meszaros said JuiceBlendz and YoBlendz will be having a grand opening at the end of the week at Parent and Family Weekend.

Hoyng said the grand opening will feature a YoBlendz/JuiceBlendz truck used to pass out free smaples.

Adam Ogden, CEO of YoBlendz and JuiceBlendz, will be visiting the university on Friday to speak in the DSU auditorium about his journey as an entrepreneur.