Wine Column: Spring Senses

Allison Goodan

The sight of cherry-blossomed trees, neon wildflowers, emerald grass and sapphire sky; the light sound of chirping birds, airplanes overhead and the rustling of wind in crisp leaves; the smell of honeysuckle, freshly cut grass and a charcoal grill burning in the distance.


To consume all of the beautiful sights, smells, sounds and feel as you take in mother nature would be complemented by the drink of its offspring, the grape, adding the taste of earth as well.

There are many complimentary wines to enjoy as the weather peaks to its prime and nature is born again. Take your pick from the few mentioned below, chill and embrace outside on any warm day as the season eases into those balmy nights.

Viognier is a French grape grown in the Rhone Valley. It deceives the nose with a sweet smell packing a dry orange blossom taste often with hints of honey, pineapple and Granny Smith apple.

Vinho Verde is lovely this time of year. It has a zest of natural sparkle, making for a crisp, refreshing easy-to-drink white.

Prosecco makes for a good wine if you want a little sweetness with a lot of bubble. Prosecco is completely uplifting and luminous on any occasion.

Sauvignon Blanc of New Zealand is a wine that gives tones of lemon, grapefruit, fresh grass, concrete and garden herbs. It is perfectly energizing.

A dry French Rose goes with any and every food. It often carries hints of juicy strawberry. Rose’s down-to-earth personality is easily likable, but don’t let the pink hue trick you into thinking it’s sweet.

Gruner Veltliner of Austria is a creamy bouquet of wildflowers, earth and crisp mineral. It is a friendly wine for food with a hint of citrusy spice.

A dry Riesling from Germany is scrumptious on its own. The amazing acidity illuminates sweetness hinting juicy pineapple, lime zest and Granny Smith apple.

Torrontes is the wonderful grape of Argentina. Slightly sweet, floral honeysuckle and peach tones float to the top in this beauty.

Albarino is a plush Spanish wine. Very refreshing and complex, its profile can include hints of pear, stone, apricot, honeysuckle and citrus.

To close with famous words from Galileo: “Wine is sunshine held together by water.” Experience this for yourself in the bright months to come.