Greeks come together to compete at Events Day

Jacob Parker

Greek Week continued racing on with Events Day in the Colonnades on Thursday, as 21 different organizations came together to celebrate and engage in friendly competition.

Hundreds of students turned out to participate in and watch head-to-head competition. The events included the traditional coin and egg tosses, but also added new events to coincide with this year’s theme of “When I Grow Up.”

Alexander Fahnders, a senior from Springfield, Ill., said the theme was in the back of their minds when creating the events.

“We thought it’d be fun to bring back games from our recess days, so we brought in musical chairs, the hula-hoops and the big bouncy balls with the handles that they had to race on,” he said.

Fahnders said measuring by crowd response, the bouncy ball race was probably the most popular.

“They had to race across the Colonnades on these things, and some people fell and hurt themselves, and that was kind of funny,” he said.

Fahnders said it was a great way for all of the organizations to come together and be Greek in one place.

“It was cool to see all the different organizations in the stands and sharing this one part of their person; it was showing the brotherhood and sisterhood that they all had,” he said. “It was a unique experience to take it all in and look at.”

The organizations each earned points for competitions won that will add to their overall score at the end of Greek Week.

Lexington sophomore Amber Stephenson said the musical chairs was her favorite event.

“The guys got really competitive and it was funny,” she said. “Plus, everyone was out there so we got to watch everyone at the same time.”

Stephenson said the best part of the day was everyone being really competitive and cheering.

“Personally, we didn’t win anything, but it was fun to all get together on the nice day and watch everyone,” she said.

Fort Mitchell junior Jordan Hill also said her favorite event was the musical chairs, and said it was suspenseful. As a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, she said Events Day was fun and positive.

“When one of the members of an opposing sorority would get out, others would say, ‘good job’ and clap. It was nice to see support and not the competitive edge of Greek Week,” she said.

Hill also said the new location at the Colonnades made it easier to see all of the events.

“It was quite entertaining watching guys on the bouncy balls and do the hula hoop line,” she said.

Grant Snowden, a Louisville junior in Delta Tau Delta fraternity, said it was awesome to see the Greeks out being a community.

“The spirit everyone showed today was a hallmark of Greek life; seeing everyone out and supporting their organizations is one of the main reasons I’m glad to be Greek,” he said.