Fight Night: previous Fight Night winner triumphs again

Sergey Kaprian, of USA Boxing, far left, spars with Blake Kostvzebski of Pi Kappa Alpha before a match at Sigma Chi’s “Battle of the Greeks,” while Joel Hansaw, also of USA Boxing tightens Zach Lemley’s, of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, protective headgear.

Although everyone who attended Sigma Chi fraternity’s Battle of the Greeks helped fight cancer, one winner had to come out on top after the boxers fought in the ring.

The event, held at the Blue Dome, or the JC Pavilion, last Thursday and Friday, raised money for cancer research, with all the profits from the boxing tournament going to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Friday night’s winner Kyle Dahl is not currently enrolled at WKU, but has plans to come back to school.

Dahl has won the last four Fight Night competitions. The event began on Thursday, with the championship Friday night.

Dahl said he entered the competition on short notice and had little to no time to train. He plans to start training for his professional card for Mixed Martial Arts, but wants to get his degree first.

“Most MMA fighters are 25, 26 and I’m only 22, so I have plenty of time to get my degree before I start seriously training again,” he said.

Each of the boxers who participated in Fight Night was sponsored by a Greek organization.

Alpha Xi Delta sorority sponsored Dahl for the fight. They approached him to ask if he would represent them.

This year’s event also included competitors from Eastern Kentucky University, organizers said.

Dahl said that being able to dodge and weave is integral to winning Fight Night competitions, and he has a few other reasons he believes he’s won for multiple years.

“I’ve always been told that I’m a natural at distancing myself,” he said. “Also, I feed off the crowd.”

Bowling Green junior Cameron Adams, who helped plan Fight Night, said it has been an ongoing Sigma Chi event for eight years.

Adams said larger SEC schools where Fight Night is often a tradition inspired it.

However, last year’s Fight Night was an exception, as what would have been the eighth annual Fight Night was cancelled.

The state of Kentucky requires a sanction to be filed before anyone can put on an amateur boxing bout, and by the time Sigma Chi realized this last year, they did not have time to meet the deadline.

Louisville senior Maxwell Noonan, who is a member of Sigma Chi and helped organize the event, said it draws a large number of people.

“It means a lot to us that a Greek event means so much to the campus,” Noonan said. “We don’t just have Greek people coming out here.”

Matthew Hinton said he has been practicing high intensity combat sports training for two years, but this is his first Fight Night.

Hinton also said he “enjoys the adrenaline rush.”

Vacaville, Calif. senior Kalli Beasley said she’s been to every event since 2009, and that this year had about the same turnout as usual.

Beasley said she predicted Dahl would win early in the night. She also said Fight Night is a good bonding experience.

“Everyone comes together,” she said. “You see old friends and meet new ones, and the best thing is it doesn’t matter if you’re Greek.”