Spring break encourages students to get in shape

Nashville senior Sinclair Dodson tans at Solar Connections in Bowling Green. To stay tan, She also tries exercises for 30 minutes to keep her figure healthy.

Taylor Harrison

There are a lot of people who make sure they have a good spring break body before going to the beach for the week, and two WKU students are no exception.

Nashville senior Sinclair Dotson has been working out and tanning to prepare for her spring break trip to Panama City Beach, where she has gone for the last five years.

Her roommate, Tiken, Ill. junior Macy Manning is also prepping for break.

Dotson said she is looking forward to warmer weather.

“I’m looking forward to that and just spending time with friends without work and without school; just having a good break,” she said.

Dotson said she has recently been working out a lot to plan for spring break.

“I used to run every day and then kind of fell out of it over Christmas break, but then, was getting back into it, working out every other day,” she said. “But now, it’s like — it’s every day. Lots of cardio, lots of weight lifting.”

Dotson has also been tanning more than she usually does. She usually tans once or twice a week, but in a recent week, she tanned every day because of a discount at a local tanning salon.

She has been working a lot lately at Total Fitness Connection to save money for her trip.

When she exercises, Dotson said she works with weight machines and free weights, and does lunge jumps, squats and cardio. She likes to mix it up instead of just doing one thing at a time.

“I have a spin bike in my room,” she said. “I feel like if I’m watching TV, I can be doing something on it instead of just sitting…especially because of spring break.”

She said she genuinely loves working out. Dotson also doesn’t drink soda and has cut back on fast food.

Last year, she hardly worked out before spring break. But previously, she has tried a no-carb diet and weight loss pills. She said she didn’t like the weight loss pills because they made her jittery.

“I’m like, anti-weight loss pills now,” she said. “It’s not the way to go. And especially if you take it, and then you stop taking it, you gain all of it back.”

Now, she said she just does what she enjoys.

“I enjoy working out, I enjoy eating what I want, so therefore, I do that instead of weight loss pills and dieting and all that stuff,” she said.

Manning is also currently prepping for spring break by going to the gym, although not as much as Dotson, and tanning three to four times a week.

She tried a no-carb diet, but it only lasted about two weeks. She said it was like a crash diet and unhealthy.

“It was absolutely awful,” she said. “I was like, dreaming about bread, so I just gave up and started eating it again.”

She has also been working with her friend who is a personal trainer.

“We went to the gym and we’ve been focusing on our arms lately and like, lifting, which is different for me because I haven’t really ever done that before,” she said. “I was so sore, like last week I couldn’t even lift my arms above my head.”

Like Dotson, Manning said she is most looking forward to being with her friends over the break.