Sig Eps likely to relocate to Cherry Hill Place

Jackson French

Cherry Hill Place may soon become Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity’s new home.

The fraternity, currently housed on Normal Street, has been planning to relocate for two years.

Coos Bay, Oregon junior Justin Rodriguez, who serves as Sigma Phi Epsilon’s vice president of communications, is ready for the change.

“It’s time for a new house,” he said.

Howard Bailey, vice president of Student Affairs, said negotiations to sell the Sig Ep’s property to WKU are going well.

“They’ve made a verbal agreement, and we’ll soon have it in writing that they’ll be vacating their property at the end of June of this year,” Bailey said.

Bailey also said that at their chapter meeting Sunday night, the active Sig Eps voted unanimously to take the recommendation to move forward with plans to relocate to Cherry Hill Place.

Rodriguez said if Sigma Phi Epsilon does relocate there, the fraternity will stay in the existing house or tear it down and build a new one, depending on the state of the building.

This won’t be the first time a fraternity is moving into Cherry Hill Place. Delta Tau Delta fraternity rented it out in the 1980s.

Lee Grace, a 1984 WKU graduate and southern division president for Delta Tau Delta, is supportive of this move.

“It sounds like it’s going to be a great opportunity for them,” he said.

Grace said that Delta Tau Delta found the house to be a good fit for them.

“When we were there, we had a lot of success,” he said. “It’s at the top of the Hill, which is always a great location.”

The Student Activities Office is currently working with Sigma Phi Epsilon as well as the Chi Omega sorority, currently next door to the fraternity on Normal Street, to relocate both organizations.

The university plans to buy the land the Sigma Phi Epsilon and Chi Omega houses currently occupy, with the goal of building the Honors College and International Center there.

Charley Pride, director of Student Activities, said they would love to have that land to move the Honors College forward.

Rodriguez said that the deal will be mutually beneficial because the school will be getting a key location for parking while the fraternity will see an increase in recruitment accompanying the move.

“We’re definitely all super excited about it,” he said.

Pride said Student Activities’ goal is to relocate Sigma Phi Epsilon in six to 18 months, “depending on how quickly some things can fall into place.”