Student creates mural for Career Services

Christian Marnon

The band members of Pink Floyd are famous for immortalizing the lyric “We don’t need no education,” but that didn’t stop the Career Services Center from dedicating a wall to a mural inspired by the band.

Nashville, Tenn. senior Hanna Demirjian, who is creating the mural, said it will be a re-interpretation of artwork from Pink Floyd’s 1979 album “The Wall.” The piece will be done in charcoal.

Demirjian, a graphic design major, said she has never worked on a wall mural, but is embracing the challenge.

“At first I was nervous, but now I am excited,” she said. “This project is fun because I have more freedom than I normally do in class.”

Due to the Downing University Center renovations, Career Services is being restructured and relocated to another floor. Demirjian said this has left room for uninhibited artistic creativity.

“We wanted to go crazy with the walls since they will be torn down and replaced with a 24-hour study space,” Demirjian said.

Robert Unseld, associate director of Career Services, conceived the idea for the mural, but recruited Demirjian for the job.

“In the past three or four years, we have employed a graphic designer, giving them a chance to make their mark,” Unseld said. “We’re in a very good position to have someone as talented as Hanna working on the mural.”

Unseld is especially fond of promoting student work.

“This mural is for students, and is created by a student,” he said. “It allows for them to interact in an innovative way.”

The idea for the homage to Pink Floyd came from an offhand comment by Becky Tinker, also an associate director of Career Services.

“Hanna and Robert were brainstorming and I half-jokingly said Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ might be fitting for a wall mural,” Tinker said. “Hanna liked the idea and ran with it.”

The mural is expected to be completed by Feb. 1. Once it is finished, students who stop by Career Services will have the chance to leave their imprint as well, Unseld said.

“We want all students visiting Career Services to sign the wall,” Unseld said. “There will be several ink pads of varying color placed on the wall so students passing through can leave a thumbprint that says ‘I was here.’”

Unseld has mixed emotions about the relocation of Career Services.

“Career Services has become home for me over the past five years, but I am also excited to see the student center transformed,” he said. “This mural is ultimately a way for us to make a mark on our space before we move on.”