WKU mystified by magic show

Sarah Stukenborg

Teleportation and mindreading aren’t typically seen in Grise Hall, but BriceMagic presented by Phi Sigma Pi fraternity helped make it possible Wednesday night

The fraternity has numerous leadership and social events throughout the year. Middlesboro senior Kevin Smith, president of Phi Sigma Pi, said a magic show was a great way to get people out of their rooms on a cold night.

Lexington sophomore Brice “BriceMagic” Harney has been practicing magic since he was 10 years old and has performed at college events around the nation. He encourages his audience to follow their dreams and never settle for less.

“If you want to be a professional athlete, president, singer, or whatever, chase that dream with all your heart,” Harney said. “Never ever settle.”

The show featured acts and tricks that kept the audience laughing throughout. Almost every act required participation from an audience member.

Harney transported a playing card across the room, solved a rubix cube in seconds, read minds, amongst other things.

Lexington sophomore Kalen Plummer frequently assists Harney in his magic shows by working with audio and video equipment.

“I enjoy watching Brice get to achieve the things he likes doing so much,” Plummer said.

The entrance fee was $5 and the proceeds went were split between Phi Sigma Pi and Teach for America.

Teach for America allows college graduates and professors to travel to underprivileged school districts and make a long lasting impact on the lives of the children there.

Pi Sigma Phi will host another BriceMagic show in the spring semester.