Rocky Horror Picture Show continues Halloween tradition

Jacob Parker

The Rocky Horror Picture Show came to the Capitol Arts Theater Halloween night, attracting a full house.

Continuing with tradition of showing on Halloween since the 1980’s, the 800 seat theater was almost completely full with new and returning patrons.

Nashville native and fourth year senior Chantel Utley enjoyed her first time seeing the live interaction.

“It was the craziest, most enjoyable, and most unpredictable show I’ve seen in Bowling Green,” she said.

The show included tossing rice, toilet paper, and bread across the theater at the appropriate scenes.

“It made the show thirty times better,” Utley said.

The theater cleaning crew and volunteers from WKU helped in the clean up process after.

During the movie, actors representing the characters were on stage mouthing the words, while also running throughout the auditorium and aisles. Craig Lonas, 22 year old Scottsville senior, attended the production for the third time this year.

Actors for the parts were auditioned before the Campus Activities Board before getting the final part, he said.

Audience members also participated by getting up to dance to the Time Warp, one of the film’s classic song and dance numbers.

While many students turned out for the viewing, several civilians came as well. Jackie Goldammer, booking and events director at SkyPac, encouraged all to come enjoy the productions.

“We want to market to the community as well as the school,” she said.