Candidates discuss the journey to the crown

Homecoming queen candidates could begin displaying their posters on Oct. 1. The 22 candidates have strict rules to follow in placing their posters. 

Mary Anne Andrews

On Saturday, WKU will celebrate the crowning of the 2012 homecoming queen. Fans will cheer and loved ones will snap photos. But behind the scenes, 22 girls are already studying flashcards for their interviews, shopping for dresses and preparing for a week full of activities.

Hopkinsville senior Mackenzie Perkins will represent Alpha Gamma Delta sorority at homecoming.

The biology major said fellow sorority members had to nominate her before she could be on the court. She said it’s like going through the rush process twice.

Perkins said she wanted to run to see things from another angle, outside her sorority. To prepare, she’s been practicing questions that may be asked in the interviews.

The student body voted for their favorite candidate on TopNet on Monday, but the candidates will also receive scores from interviews with a mystery panel today.

“I’m just trying to be happy and have a good time and show people you can do everything you want to,” she said.

Perkins said she’s most excited about the volunteer project on Wednesday that will serve local veterans and ROTC members.

Jessica Nichols, a senior from Potomac, Md., is sponsored by her sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

The broadcast major said although most sororities sponsor a homecoming candidate, other members are still welcome to run.

Nichols said she is most nervous about the interviews.

“I’m really just trying to evaluate myself and think about what I’ve done over the past four years that has brought me to here,” she said.

When it comes to clothes, Nichols said, “Anything red, white or black, I bought it. I’m just so excited.”

Bowling Green junior Keyana Boka went shopping over the weekend to find the perfect dress for the game. She said picking the right outfit was hard work.

Boka, who is sponsored by the Student Government Association and serves as its executive vice president, said she paid for her posters.

Nominees are only allowed to hang 50, 11-by-17-inch flyers in designated areas on campus.

“I’m most excited about riding in a car in the parade,” she said.

Madisonville senior Casey Hopson went to Atlanta over the weekend to shop for outfits.

“I’m looking for something classy and elegant with school spirit, maybe red,” she said.

Hopson is a public health major and is sponsored by Alpha Phi Alpha and Black Student Alliance.

“I am doing a lot of thinking about the interviews,” she said. “I’m meeting so many people and I can’t wait to meet the other candidates.”