WKU getting vote out on registration day

Taylor Harrison

With the election right around the corner, WKU students will get the chance register to vote on their way to class or when they stop for lunch.

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day. The Institute for Citizenship and Social Responsibility is teaming up with the Political Engagement Project to set up different sites on and off campus where students can register to vote.

Saundra Ardrey, co-founder and co-director of ICSR and director for the Political Engagement Project, said several organizations will be involved, and even President Gary Ransdell will be making appearances at some of the different sites around campus.

“We try to provide information and opportunities for students to get engaged,” Ardrey said. “You know, in civic engagement, political engagement, so that students can have an input into their community.”

Ardrey said the drive is a non-partisan effort to give students the opportunity to register to vote and ask questions about the process. She said many of the students at the sites are trained on how to register voters.

There have already been several registration drives.

Ardrey said more than 150 students have registered to vote.

“We have the responsibility as educators to give students the information, the strategies and the opportunity to participate,” Ardrey said.

Louisville junior Bailey Mack is helping to organize the event.

“I kind of saw a need for it on my own as the election got nearer,” Mack said.

Mack looked for others interested in the drive because she said there is strength in numbers.

“The more people you get together, the more ideas you have — the more opinions you have — so you can talk through things better,” Mack said.

The Student Government Association is one of the organizations helping out at the event.

SGA President Cory Dodds said he thinks many people choose not to register to vote because they don’t understand the process of registering.

“Young people aren’t addressed very well just because students don’t get out to vote, and I think by doing things like the voter registration drive, we can help get more students to the polls and have a greater voice on the national stage,” Dodds said.