‘Chit chat’ event comes to WKU

Allison Goodan

The Kentucky Museum will host its first Pecha Kucha Night at 7 p.m. Tuesday night.

Christy Spurlock, education curator and assistant professor, put the event together.

“Some describe it as ‘slam poetry with PowerPoints’ or ‘thinking and drinking,’” Spurlock said.

It started in Tokyo nine years ago as a networking event for designers. Since then, Pecha Kucha, meaning “chit chat,”  has spread across the world as a celebration of individual passion.

Spurlock found out Pecha Kucha was a “worldwide phenomenon” a few months ago when she Googled the phrase. Once she learned more, she got the event going at WKU.

Each performer will present 20 slides or pictures explaining the individual pieces for roughly 20 seconds.

“It can be absolutely anything,” Spurlock said. “There are presentations by people from 5 years old to 90. It’s anything you are passionate about.”

WKU students, faculty and Bowling Green residents could be performing pieces ranging on all levels of seriousness, from hobbies such as gardening to research and politics.

Because it’s diverse, there’s always a surprise for the audience. Spurlock said there will be nine presenters and the event is expected to last about an hour and a half.

Crystal Bowling, of Bardstown, will be one of the presenters.

Bowling, 26, found out about Pecha Kucha in an email from Spurlock and has been preparing for the past couple of weeks.

She said her subject is different compared to the other presenters.  It is called “The Writing Process, or, An Excuse to Watch YouTube Videos and Drink Beer.”

Bowling said while she was writing her recent book, “Always the Last to Know,” watching Grace and Rosie YouTube videos while drinking beer became a part of her writing process.

It worked pretty well for Bowling because she registered her book on Amazon’s free list for two days, and it went to number one. She is thinking about the sequel now.

Bowling said she thinks Pecha Kucha is going to be a really good series.

“I hope students get involved,” she said. “A lot of students have some really neat hobbies.”

Spurlock said depending on how  the night goes, there may be another Pecha Kucha in the future, leaving the stage open for new ideas.

The  doors open at 6:30 p.m. and it is a swipeable event for students. A cash bar will be provided before and during the performance for those of age.