New business works on wheels

Zirconia Alleyne

Step-brothers Sederick Grant and Chris Jones can easily peg the song “Every Day I’m Hustlin’” as their anthem.

The Louisville natives started a business called The Anything Shop, “where anything means anything as long as it’s legal.”

From public transit to computer and cell phone repair, to a mobile barber and professional tattoo artist, The Anything Shop offers a variety of services to students and the Bowling Green community.

The shop charges a $5 first destination fee and 50 cents per mile. The second destination is $3.

Grant said their go-getter mentalities birthed the business.

“We’ve always been hustlers,” he said. “We just grind hard.”

When a shoulder injury halted a possible football career at Western Kentucky University, Grant took a job at Burger King.

Jones, 21, was studying at Kentucky State University before moving to Bowling Green and getting an apartment with his step-brother.

“We had been going through hard times and we were thinking about how we can get money,” he said. “We knew we had to come up with something big.”

Jones came up with The Anything Shop in the shower.

The duo donated plasma to buy business cards and monogrammed polos, but they needed more help on the financial side.

When Grant’s boss heard his idea, he said the Carrol Knicely Conference Center could help them write a business plan. However, it was the Center for Research and Development that put them on the right track.

The pair signed a contract with the Small Business Accelerator program in February. The program provides business support services and community resources during the start-up period, according to the development center’s website.

The Center for Research and Development granted them office space and a mentor for one year. Community Ventures, a small business lender, also gave them a loan.

Grant said having mentors has really made them think toward the future.

“They made us ask the questions now that we would’ve had to ask later,” he said.

Jones said it feels good to be able to pick their brains.

Although the men withdrew from school, they said they’re confident that The Anything Shop can go global.

“This service isn’t just needed in Bowling Green,” Grant said. “It’s needed all over the world.”

They are also looking to hire more employees.

“We want to give other people jobs,” he said. “We want to be an inspiration and eventually give back to charity.”

Grant and Jones will host a basketball tournament on Sept. 15 at College Suites. Teams of five can sign up for a $20 entry fee per player. The winners will get $500 and a free dinner at Cheddar’s Casual Cafe.

To contact The Anything Shop, call 888-519-5132.