SKyPAC series concludes with local bands

Chris Rutledge

As the semester comes to a close, so does SKyPAC’s concert series, “Music in the Studio.” The final show is Saturday night and features local rock acts Thee Japanese Schoolgirls and Heavy Chase.

Landon White, the programming coordinator at SKyPAC responsible for the series, is preparing to graduate and will no longer be with SKyPAC after this show, but the Bowling Green senior hopes to finish strong.

“I want this one to be a big bang,” White said.

This will be the fourth concert in the series, which kicked off in March with another local band, Canago. White said he feels like the concert has turned out well but that attendance has dropped since that first show. That’s why White decided to go with Thee Japanese Schoolgirls as the final concert in the series.

“Since it’s a festivity, I was looking for a band that could bring a festive atmosphere,” White said.

Lucas Goularte, lead singer for Thee Japanese Schoolgirls, said that the band members are up to the task and might have a few tricks up their sleeves.

“I think I’ll probably dress up nice,” Goularte said. “I don’t know. I might even wear the kangaroo suit.”

Goularte is talking about the giant kangaroo costume that he wears during some special shows.

“I don’t do it all the time,” Goularte said. “Because then it would become something that people expect. I don’t want that to be a gimmick — I just want it to be like a little treat.”

That’s not the only strange thing Goularte does at shows. The band also gives out “presents” during the show: records, VHS tapes, DVDs, Nintendo games, and books.

“We’ve got some awesome presents lined up for SkyPAC,” Goularte said.

Goularte has never seen SKyPAC from the inside before, but he says the idea of playing a new venue in town brings another level of excitement to the show.

“From all of the pictures that I’ve seen, it looks amazing,” he said. “I’ve heard that the sound is impeccable.”

Jan Zarr, programming director at SKyPAC, said that while he is pleased with the way the series turned out, the future of “Music in the Studio” has not been decided.

Zarr said that the problem is the attendance has been lackluster for the last two shows.

“We can put on great things, but if they’re not coming out here and supporting it, you can’t keep on doing things that are not working,” Zarr said. “We’re trying to figure out what’s going to work.”

Zarr said that in any case, SKyPAC would continue to feature local and out-of-town bands.

“Maybe what we end up doing is putting three or four local bands together and put them in the Main Hall,” Zarr said.

SKyPAC is also working on an outside amphitheater that should be finished soon.

“We hope — knock on wood — in mid-July,” Zarr said. “So in the fall as the students come back to school, we’ll be able to run some concerts out there.”

White said that although the future of the series is in question, he remains optimistic.

“I hope that people have caught on to it, and I hope that it continues on into something Bowling Green is going to make a part of their tradition,” he said.