BOR to discuss contracts, DUC bonds

Cameron Koch

The Board of Regents will meet for its second quarterly meeting today, with aims of approving the contracts of head coaches Ray Harper and Michelle Clark-Heard.

A variety of academic items are also seeking approval, including the creation of a minor in Leadership Studies, a graduate certificate in Facility and Event Management, and a Health Information Management baccalaureate program.

Also on the agenda is a new track for WKU faculty members, one which allows professors to focus more on instruction and teaching than scholarly research.  Those hired under the new pedagogical track will be expected to have a higher teaching load than those faculty members who do research.

The pedagogical faculty track must be decided upon when a WKU faculty member is hired, and professors cannot jump tracks. Promotion and tenure procedures remain the same, minus the expectation of research and scholarly productivity. Creation of pedagogical positions will be voted on by individual departments looking to hire new faculty. Current faculty members cannot switch to this new track.

An amendment to a previous board resolution will also be discussed, involving the sale of bonds to fund the renovation of Downing University Center. Previously, the board approved a resolution that provided for the sale of $35,000,000 in bonds. The board is looking to amend this number to $52,000,000.

Brian Meredith, associate vice president for Enrollment Management, will be present to deliver an enrollment report.