LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Honoring Bob Adams

Doug Gott

Friday afternoon, WKU is honoring Bob Adams upon his retirement as director of Student Publications at WKU. Admirably, the university did not wait for Mr. A’s retirement to recognize the quality of his service — it inducted him into its College Media Advisers Hall of Fame in 2006.

It is difficult to imagine a professor who has had a greater impact on more students or who has been responsible for more national academic recognition for WKU than Mr. A. The Herald and Talisman became elite student publications during his tenure. That sustained success was achieved through his patient, thoughtful leadership style that motivated students to excel. Putting the Herald together late into the evening on Monday and Wednesday nights was a wonderful laboratory for young adults first learning how to work with others toward high professional goals.

Mr. A fostered that experience, and his legacy is that countless alumni still draw on it today in their current professional lives. Please join us at Mass Media Technological Hall auditorium tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. to recognize Mr. A’s many years of quality service to WKU.

Doug Gott

Bowling Green

Class of ’87