Dodds elected SGA president

Junior Cory Dodds was elected president of the Student Government Association at Downing University Center on Friday morning. Candidates gathered in the SGA’s temporary offices to hear the results. Along with Dodds, freshman Cain Alvey was elected administrative vice president and sophomore Keyana Boka was elected executive vice president.

Taylor Harrison

Cory Dodds has been elected as Student Government Association president for the next school year.

The election results were read shortly after midnight on Friday morning in the SGA office.

Dodds won with 44 percent of the vote. Corey Johnson, a current SGA senator, received 35 percent of the vote. Austin Wingate, who served previously in SGA, got 21 percent.

Keyana Boka was elected as the executive vice president and Cain Alvey was elected administrative vice president. Both vice presidential elections were uncontested.

All 31 senatorial candidates running were also elected. The total number of voters for this election was 1,333.

“Obviously, it feels good,” Dodds said. “But it’s not a personal victory. It’s a victory for the student body and a victory for the issues that we face because I do hope to do a lot of good for the students and that’s what really important.”

Dodds said that his first priority in office will be to implement a safe rides program.

“That is my top priority and once I get that established, hopefully I will work on GA and TA evaluations,” Dodds said.

Over the summer, Dodds said he hopes to be doing a lot to prepare to take office.

“Hopefully, meeting with Keyana and Cain and really working out what, as an executive committee, we really want to do and what our top priorities should be for the semester,” Dodds said.

At the SGA banquet at the end of the spring semester, Dodds said the executive officers that have been elected will be sworn in.

“Over the summer, hopefully, I want to work to determine who we want to appoint and then at the first meeting of the semester, hopefully we’ll have some appointees,” Dodds said.

Dodds said he is looking forward to working with both Alvey and Boka in the fall.

“I think they have a lot of good ideas and they’ve done a lot for the organization,” Dodds said.

Boka and Dodds created a joint Facebook page during campaigning and supported each other’s candidacies. Boka said all of their plans are very similar and she’s hoping they will accomplish them.

“I supported Cory from the beginning because I’ve known all the things that he’s done so far for SGA and I’ve been a big fan of his work, you know, the programs that he’s started like the transcript voucher and all the things he’s done with our website and online transparency and things like that,” Boka said. “So I’ve just been glad to support his campaign.”

The current SGA president, Billy Stephens, said Dodds is the best political mind and the best person to work with other people out of the last three presidents.

“…And I’ll say that because all three of them are my friends and I think all three of them would definitely agree,” Stephens said.

Stephens also said that Dodds is the man for the job and will do this campus proud.

“I know Dodds is going to do better and brighter things than I ever dreamed of, so I mean, the campus is in good hands,” Stephens said.