Vice presidential candidates run unopposed

Taylor Harrison

While the presidential election for the Student Government Association gives students three candidates to choose from on March 27-28, each of the vice presidential elections are uncontested.

Keyana Boka, SGA campus improvements chairperson, is the only candidate for executive vice president. Cain Alvey, a senator, is the only candidate for administrative vice president.

 Keyana Boka

“I really love SGA, so I just want to continue with more things that I can do for it,” Boka said.

Boka said she’ll continue campus improvements work if she is elected as executive vice president, even though she will no longer be the campus improvements chairperson.

“I’ve worked closely with Kendrick Bryan on different projects, and I knew a lot about what he did, and I’ve just been really interested in it,” Boka said.

Bryan, the current EVP, has been there to answer Boka’s questions about various issues and has helped her learn more about what SGA can do, Boka said.

“I didn’t approach anybody about being the next successor,” Bryan said. “Keyana approached me in the fall and said, ‘I would love to run for your position’ — or for the position of EVP — and I just supported her in her decision.”

Boka has six main issues she wants to focus on for her campaign platform, including new shuttle bus stops.

“I’m getting one across from Snell right now, and just a lot of them are very broken down and just don’t fit campus aesthetics,” Boka said. “So I think that would be nice to get working with Parking and Transportation on that.”

Another initiative Boka wants to work on is getting more intramural sports grants — a platform Cory Dodds is also focusing on in his campaign for president.

 Boka also wants to work toward library development by getting more test prep courses and books. More student and technology outreach, in the form of a live blog or podcasts, is also something she would like to get started as EVP.

She’s also aiming to work on becoming more visible to the student body.

More scholar development and encouraging local voting are also on Boka’s agenda.

Boka has made posters for her campaign with the help of her friends, and she and Dodds share a Facebook page for students to “like.” Although the two aren’t running on a double ticket, Boka said she and Dodds support each other’s campaigns and platforms.

 Cain Alvey

Alvey wanted to run for administrative vice president because he said he has always wanted to have a leadership role in a decision-making body such as SGA. He said he will mostly campaign through word of mouth.

Alvey said he was interested in organizational aid — the committee that provides funding for different organizations — ever since he joined SGA. If elected, he would be in charge of org aid.

Devon Hilderbrandt, current AVP, said he thinks Alvey will be a very suitable choice for his replacement.

“He’s a newer member, so he hasn’t had the most experience, but he has been trying to learn everything he can, and everybody’s been really impressed with him … I think he will exceed expectations,” Hilderbrandt said.

Another part of Alvey’s job will be to handle SGA’s budget. Alvey said he’s worked with money since high school, when he was a treasurer for three different organizations and had to do monthly budgets.

Alvey is a resident assistant in McCormack Hall, which he said could help him regarding SGA.

“I have some great guys in my residence hall, and not only will they be able to help me when it comes to election time, but they’ll also be able to help me in office if I’m elected,” Alvey said. “Because they’ll be the ones that are in the organizations that will get help, and they’ll be the ones that are affected by SGA’s movements, so they’re going to give me good insight.”