SGA’s off-campus housing website being redesigned

Taylor Harrison

The WKU off-campus housing website has gained many providers since it’s launch. The website, created and run by the Student Government Association, recently underwent a layout redesign.

Cory Dodds, director of information technology for SGA, said there are now 32 listings on More than a dozen are up on the website so far. Dodds said not all of the listings have been made “active” — or available by the housing providers — yet.

Current listings include properties on College, State and Chestnut streets.

Dodds recently designed and created an updated version of the website.

The new design for the layout basically makes it easier for students to use, Dodds said.

There are a few small new features on the website, but the main difference is the layout.

“I designed the layout, but I’m just not happy with it,” Dodds said, regarding the original layout.

On the website, students can search for apartments, duplexes or houses. There is also an advanced function in which the search is based on more specific aspects, like whether a listing has a fitness center or a pool.

Another possibility for the website would be to add a way for students to search for roommates, but that would require a different type of software, Dodds said.

Executive Vice President Kendrick Bryan said he and Dodds are hoping to start a mail campaign to continue getting the word out about the website. Bryan also said he called most of the providers personally, with SGA’s office associates helping to contact some of them.

“This is something that I’ve campaigned on for two years, so I’m glad that we launched it,” Bryan said. “I think this is a service that benefits many students.”

While Bryan helps out by calling potential providers, he said Dodds oversees the website itself.

“I’ve just been trying to get providers on board,” Bryan said.

Director of Public Relations Jane Wood said SGA will likely have handbills and posters to advertise the website. Wood said she will also contact providers to see if they would be interested in advertising as well.