BOR committee notes: Enrollment up from last spring, PT program on hold

Cameron Koch

Spring Enrollment Report

Brian Meredith, associate vice president for Enrollment Management, offered another enrollment report, this one more optimistic than his last at the January board meeting.

Meredith said as of Friday morning, enrollment was at 19,397 — a 30 student difference from last spring. Meredith also said both transfer student and Navitas enrollment numbers were up. Final spring enrollment numbers will be available by March 28 or 29 Meredith said.

Room Naming

The Augenstein Alumni Center, though still under construction, has many of its rooms and areas already named thanks to board approval on Friday.

The building, a home of sorts for alumni, will feature two ballrooms, a museum, and a statue of Big Red. Rooms were named after those who have contributed to help pay for the creation of the building. Rooms at L.T. Smith Stadium, Owensboro and South Campus were also named.

Physical Therapy Delay

The Doctorate of Physical Therapy program suffered a setback, as President Gary Ransdell informed the board that the program would not be off the ground as expected for fall of 2012. Several layers of approval and certification are needed for the program.

The Board of Regents approved the program at the board meeting in January 2012, and it was then sent to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education for approval, which allows for a 45 day staff review and comment period. That comment period has now ended.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools must also review and approve the program, which is currently underway. Because of this, the deadline of March 1 to the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education for accreditation of the program has been missed.

The university plans on receiving approval for the program at the next CAPTE review cycle, to take place in December.

Both Ransdell and John Bonaguro, dean of the college of Health and Human Services, described the turn of events as “disappointing.”