Old Bowling Green Jr. High converting into apartments

Michael McKay

Bowling Green Capital, LLC announced plans last month for converting the former Bowling Green Junior High School building into apartments. The property is located at 1141 Center St.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the property, Columns, was held in November.

Construction will be handled in three phases, with 170-200 units that will be completed in May.

The property will offer one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments.

A model apartment will be ready and  open in February, along with a leasing office.

Lead Developer Allen Schubert said the school buildings offer many opportunities for development.

“There are spaces that you’ll get in this type of building that you’ll never get in these types of apartments,” Schubert said. “It is unique.”

Schubert said the group plans to incorporate the feeling of the former school by having exposed bricks in some of the apartments and black boards installed in others.

He said the units will have other amenities not usually offered in student housings, such as hardwood floors and high ceilings.

“Units will be much larger than anything else available for students in Bowling Green,” he said. “We want to be ‘the place’ to live.”