Crime reporter arrested for failing to appear

Herald Staff

Bowling Green Police served Herald crime reporter Christian Hansen a warrant for his arrest Sunday morning after Hansen failed to appear on charges of no registration plates, operating on a suspend or revoked license and possession of canceled or fictitious operators license.

The arrest was made on an unrelated call to Hansen’s residence, accoring to a police report. He was released from jail the same day on a $500 bond and has a Dec. 21 court date.

Herald editor-in-chief Jonathan Lintner was notified by Hansen of the incident on Sunday, and Hansen’s account matched a police report.

The Herald doesn’t typically include off-campus crime in its weekly reports.

“But we felt that we should disclose this information because it’s Christian’s job to report crimes,” Lintner said. “Based on conversations with Bowling Green Police, we feel this won’t prevent Christian from continuing his duties at the Herald.”

Hansen said he corrected the charges earlier this semester after he was warned by police. But because he didn’t notify law enforcement, the warrant for failing to appear was signed by a Judge on Oct. 20.