2-Day Film Challenge films shown in Mass Media

Taylor Harrison

The 8th Annual 2-Day Film Challenge took place over the weekend, and the films were presented Monday night.

While there were 18 teams that showed up Friday night to register, only 10 teams submitted films on time. There were two late entries that were shown but not eligible to win any prizes. The films were limited to five minutes and 30 seconds.

First place went to a film called “Punchline.”

Second place went to “Hysterical,” and third went to “Noble Jester.”

The audience also had a chance to vote for its favorite film. That award went to “Noble Jester” as well.

Stephen White, the professor in charge of the event, said on Friday night they chose five categories that had to be included in the films.

The genre of the film had to be horror and had to include a schizophrenic clown character. They had to use a ball peen hammer as a prop and use a car wash as a location. They also needed to include the line “We sleep and eat with death.”

Bowling Green freshman Jayme Powell worked on a film, “Good Boy” with the WKU Film Club. Powell, a film major, said she thought their final project turned out well.

“We just thought it’d be a good opportunity to represent what we had – the talent that we had in film club,” Powell said.

One of the judges, Chris Bratton, said that when the judges watched the films, they originally judged them on a number scale. Those numbers eliminated a lot of the films and narrowed it down to about five. The judges then narrowed the films down to the final three.

Bratton has judged the competition for years. He works with video at Insight and is not affiliated with WKU.