WKU hires current grad student as new EHS director

Nick Bratcher

WKU announced the hiring of a new Environment, Health and Safety Director on Thursday.

David Oliver, who has an associate’s degree in fire protection from WKU and is currently pursuing an educational leadership doctoral degree at the university, will begin his new position Dec. 1.

Oliver, a Bowling Green native and current supervisor of Health and Safety at General Motors’ Bowling Green facility, said his roots at WKU made him eager to get the new position.

“Bowling Green is home to me,” he said. “Western has always been a central part of my life. I’m still a student there and saw it as a unique opportunity.”

Bryan Russell, director of Planning, Design and Construction and head of the search committee, said Oliver was a perfect fit for the position.

“All of the skill sets he possesses and his background and primarily his leadership is exactly what we were looking for,” Russell said.

Oliver also has both a bachelor’s degree in loss prevention and safety, and a master’s degree in security, safety and emergency management from Eastern Kentucky University.

Oliver said he hopes to bring his past experience at General Motors to the Department of Environment, Health and Safety.

“I want to come in with my industry experience and try to tie in with them and work as a group to develop some strategies that we can be more customer focused around the university,” Oliver said.

Finally, Oliver said he was most excited to work with WKU’s growing campus infrastructure.

“You don’t have to look very far to recognize the growth,” he said. “Western is a growing entity and they’re growing in the right ways. The evolution of the campus is just phenomenal.

“I’m just really excited about being part of a growing campus and being able to be a key part in making sure we grow in an environmentally sound and safe manner.”