Finalists selected for ‘faces of WKU’

Katherine Wade

After more than 300 minutes of video and hundreds of photographs, 15 students have been chosen to be the new “faces of WKU.”

Stacey Biggs, chief marketing officer for public affairs, said all the students they chose had great stories to tell.

Wilmore senior Daniel Williams, one of the 15 students chosen, said he felt he stood out because he has studied abroad twice.

Williams said he chose to audition because he saw an opportunity to represent the university.

“Having been on campus for four years now, I kind of understood more about what it meant to be a student at WKU,” he said. “I wanted to give back.”

Another one of the finalists, Mt. Sterling junior Jordan Campbell, said he auditioned to help perspective students learn about an under publicized area on campus.

“There are so many opportunities on campus that perspective students can get involved with that aren’t as pushed by the university,” he said.

Campbell is a double major in musical theater and political science and a member of the Honors College.

“Students see our sports and big popular majors and they forget that we have a rising art community on our campus,” he said.

Biggs said narrowing down the more than 70 students who showed up to 15 finalists was “the hardest decision.”

“Everybody who tried out had a lot of spirit and confidence and were really really good,” she said.

Williams said the audition process was nerve-wracking because he had never auditioned for anything like that before.

“Once I got in the interview, it was fine,” he said. “I blocked out the camera and it was almost like a blur.”

When he found out he had been chosen, Williams said he felt honored and blessed.

Campbell said he was very excited to share his WKU experience with other people as well as get his own recognition.

“I’m excited about the prospect of getting to be on the website and billboard and get my name out there,” he said.

The next step in the process, Biggs said, is to have a prep session for all the finalists to tell them what to expect from the video and photo shoot.

The filming will take place Oct. 27, beginning at 9 a.m. in the Academic Complex. Biggs said they will be asked very specific questions and given a chance to expand on their stories.