Crime reports for Friday, Oct. 21

Christian Hansen

■ Jacob Parker, McCormack Hall, was cited on Oct. 19 for possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

■ Ethan White, Barnes-Campbell Hall, was served with a criminal summons on Oct. 19 at Barnes-Campbell Hall for falsely reporting an incident.

■ Taylor Wells, Barnes, was served a criminal summons on Oct. 19 for falsely reporting an incident.

■ Durand Wilson, Horse Cave, reported on Oct. 18 that his vehicle was on fire in the student foundation parking lot.

■ Ashley Gutgsell, Zacharias Hall, reported her Malibu Propel scooter stolen on Oct. 18 from the Pearce-Ford Tower parking lot. The value is estimated at $14,000.

■ On Oct. 17 a victim contacted campus police to report a person who was stalking her. While speaking with reporting officer, the victim mentioned that she’d been raped by the same suspect in Poland Hall on Oct. 1. The victim does not want to press charges but requested that the police advise the suspect to quit contacting her. Because the victim does not wish to press charges the police can go no further with the investigation.

Mitchell Wise, McCormack, reported on Oct. 17 that his bag and contents were stolen from outside McCormack. Wise reported his debit card as well as $420 were stolen.

■ On Oct. 17 a female victim reported to the police that a male suspect raped her while she was in his room in PFT at around 3:40 a.m. the same day.