Bake sale at WKU addresses wage gap in U.S.

Joanna Williams

In order to raise awareness about the wage gap between men and women, students from a women’s studies class and student group hosted a bake sale this afternoon in Grise Hall.

“Some people are aware of the gap, but not to this extent,” said Russellville junior Samantha Holloway, a volunteer at the table.

The bake sale was for the student group “Stop the Silence, End the Violence,” which advocates for human and animal rights.

“The whole point is to raise awareness more than raise money,” said Louisville freshman Laura Harper.

Similar bake sales have taken place across the country, most notably the University of California-Berkeley recently.

All the donations will be given to the NAACP.

Holloway said that it is against federal law to charge different prices to customers based on their race and gender.

“Some women studies departments have gotten sued,” she said. “So we’re using the idea and keeping it for donations.”

Holloway said they had raised around $20 at 12:30 p.m. with the table being scheduled until 2 p.m.

She said that they won’t be able to estimate how much they raised since they’ve gotten a varying amount of donations.

“With us not being able to actually charge we don’t know what to expect,” she said. “Some people are giving $5 and others the change out of their pockets.”

Bowling Green senior and table volunteer Samantha Roach said that students need to be aware of the wage gap between they’re going into the work force and need to know a gap exist.

“You’re not receiving the same amount as the person with same degree as you, which is frustrating,” she said.