Greeks compete in games on South Lawn

Hannah Blair (far left) of Owensboro and and Mary Clayton (middle) of Franklin cheer on fellow Alpha Omicron Pi sisters during the dizzy bat competition Tuesday on South Lawn. Alpha Omicron Pi placed second. The different competitions in the Greek Games were opportunities for sororities and fraternities to earn homecoming points.

Amanda Young

South Lawn filled with cheers and cries of victory on Tuesday as WKU’s Greek organizations gathered for the Greek Games.

The Greek Games is a Homecoming event in which organizations compete against one another in races and competitions in teams made up of sororities and fraternities paired for Homecoming.

The excitement was palpable before the games began as the teams prepared for the events.

“I’ll give it my best effort,” said junior Phi Mu member Hailey Strickland before the games. “We have a pretty promising wheel-barrowing team.”

The competition began with the Egg Toss. Two members from each team stood across from each other and threw an egg back and forth, increasing the distance between them with every toss.

Alpha Xi Delta, Iota Phi Theta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon emerged victorious from the egg toss competition, with Alpha Xi Delta member Ashley Valentine catching the final toss.

“I’m very competitive,” she said. “I’m so glad that we won.”

The teams moved on to the Dizzy Bat competition—a relay style race in which a runner from each team runs across the lawn, spins around a baseball bat 10 times and then races back and tags the next runner.

Though all the teams gave it their all — with many participants unable to run across with lawn on their own feet — the team of Alpha Gamma Delta, Zeta Phi Beta, FarmHouse and Alpha Tau Omega came in first place.

DJ Bettinger, a senior Alpha Tau Omega member, was happy to see his organization participate in their first Homecoming.

“This is our first year of establishment. Last year, [Alpha Tau Omega] colonized the week before Homecoming,” he said. “We have a good group of people.”

Fitting this year’s Homecoming theme “Geaux Toppers!” the teams participated in an event called the Cajun Boil.

Two members from each team stand across from each other, one with a bucket of water, the other with various pieces of plastic food. The member with the food had to throw five pieces into the bucket, placed on the other member’s head.

The competition was so large, however, that the event was split into two competitions in which the top four teams competed in a final round, determining the winner.

After fighting through the competition, the team of Kappa Delta, Phi Beta Sigma, Kappa Sigma and Alpha Gamma Rho won the final round.

The final event was a relay race. Teams passed an orange down the line using only their chins, necks and chests — no hands allowed. Then, two members wheelbarrow raced across the lawn, tagging the next two members to run a three-legged race to the finish line. The final members then dug their faces into a pie tray of whipped cream to find a plastic toy.

The competition was cut short, however, after a Phi Mu member running in the three-legged race was injured.

After an ambulance was called for the injured player, the competition was called to a close, with no team declared the winners.

The overall victors of the 2011 Greek Games will be announced Friday at Big Red’s Roar.