WKU alumnus to perform in musical this weekend

Tyler Prochazka

After living in and out of New York, Shain Fike is returning to Bowling Green.

Fike, a 2002 WKU graduate, has participated in national Broadway tours but is making a stop in town to perform a musical about the journey of two lovers throughout a five-year timespan.


However, the show is performed in a not-so-traditional way.

The two characters interact for just two minutes in the entire 80-minute show.

“[The show has a] unique literary device that makes it structurally unique,” Fike said. “Each character is telling their version of the relationship.”

“The Last Five Years” by Jason Brown will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Yellowberri Studios in Bowling Green. Tickets for adults are $15 and $10 for students with a WKU ID at the door.

It stars Fike, who is also producing the show, as Jamie and Holland LeDelia as Cathy. The characters in the performance start on opposite sides of the relationship.

Cathy’s story is told in reverse, starting at the end of the relationship. Jamie’s story is told in order, starting at the beginning of the relationship. The pair only interacts during the proposal and marriage in the middle of the show.

“This show is structured in such a way that it’s very honest. It’s very direct,” Fike said. “It’s a very raw portrayal of what these characters are going through.”

Fike, who originally saw the show about a decade ago, had his own personal connection to the material and felt that it was something that he “wanted to take on,” adding he thinks everyone who sees the show will relate in some way as well.

Some thought it was a “downer,” while others found it “liberating,” depending who was asked, he said.

 “In many ways, it may cause someone to look inward if they are possibly dealing with something similar,” Fike said. “I know it certainly did for me when I listened to it 10 years ago.”

Another unique aspect of “Five Years” — the stars of the show, LeDelia and Fike, have been in a real-life relationship for the past four years.

While the show portrays a rocky marriage, Fike said performing the show has not affected his relationship with LeDelia.

“It’s very similar to going to premarital counseling,” he said. “It gives an understanding on the mistakes these characters have made and possibly prevent mistakes of our own.”

Wayne Pope, an associate professor of music at WKU, is the co-music director and the guitarist for the show. Pope has known Fike since his days at WKU when he was his voice teacher.

After the performance in Bowling Green and traveling back to New York, Fike may take the show on the road. He is in talks with theaters in Tennessee and Missouri.

For those worried about suggestive content, Fike rated the show at PG-13 and said there was some language and innuendo, but that it was not “obnoxious.”

Overall, Fike described “Five Years” as extremely well-written and beautifully composed.

“It’s a piece that inspires creative thought,” he said.

For advanced tickets call (812)760-9870.