A Thousand Words: Sept. 6, 2011


Michael Rivera

With three pins left, graduate student Samuel Yerragudla looked straight ahead and released 12 pounds of plastic reactive resin, hoping it would be enough.

A Friday night at REDZ is where you’ll find Yerragudla, one of the many students who regularly pays $3 for bowling, billiards and food on the fourth floor of Downing University Center.

Yerragudbla traveled almost 9,000 miles to WKU from his native home in South Andhra Pradesh, India, one year ago.

“I practiced dentistry for two years back at home and wanted to get more experience in America since newer technology is more available,” Yerragudla said.

Far from home, Yerragudla regularly communicates with his family by calling them daily. He said a Friday night at REDZ is the closest experience to home — a break from classes and a relaxing moment.

“Who knew it would be from bowling in Bowling Green, Ky., thousands of miles away from home?” he said.

REDZ also provides an opportunity to meet new students and hang out.

Yerragudla said that the number of events that cater to international students was one of the reasons he chose WKU. Because some international students have no transportation, they find it difficult to go out and explore Bowling Green.

“This is the only place happening for Indian Students on the weekends,” he said of REDZ. “I use to just stay in my room and not really know anyone when I first arrived to Bowling Green lonely and away from home.”

Yerragudla said he finds it comforting knowing that he will see his friends every Friday night.

“It’s the best hangout place, and I feel at home,” he said.