IFC could punish two fraternities

Tessa Duvall

Two fraternities at WKU could lose homecoming privileges for violating rush week rules.

Delta Tau Delta and Pi Kappa Alpha were both recommended to lose Homecoming privileges by a vote from the Interfraternity Council delegates in a closed-session meeting Monday afternoon, according to a delegate who wishes to remain unnamed.

The Herald attempted to attend this hearing but was not permitted to because it was a judicial hearing. Deborah Wilkins, chief of staff and general counsel, said because the IFC is not a state organization, open meetings laws do not apply.

However, the regularly scheduled IFC meetings are open.

At the meeting, the Delts and Pikes were both reported to have thrown “dirty rush parties” — parties where alcohol is present.

According to the WKU IFC bylaws, which were provided to the Herald by Wilkins, “organizing any party that is planned by or in name of an organization, regardless of whether or not active or alumni members from the organization are present at the party” or “any event for potential new members where alcohol is present” are both major violations.

For major offenses, punishments include loss of homecoming pairings, one semester of social probation, one alcohol education workshop and the loss of the Reed Morgan tie-breaker.

During the hearing, IFC members gave presentations on what they witnessed at separate parties hosted by the two fraternities, and the fraternity presidents gave their own presentation of the events, the delegate said.

Delts President Tyler Goble said that while he feels the proceedings were fair, he wished the IFC had evidence against the fraternity instead of just witness statements.

“I feel that it might have been a little overzealous, I suppose, especially as a first punishment,” he said.

Pike President Derrick Stinnett ignored the Herald’s requests for comment regarding the hearing.

Goble said he was not present at the party in question, so he cannot explain what happened that night. The Delts’ written account of the event is listed at Aug. 24, while the IFC’s is listed as Aug. 25.

“There was a significant difference in the two stories,” he said.

Kenneth Johnson, assistant director of Student Activities and Organizations, said an official report will be made available to the Herald on Friday.