Q&A with country artist Laura Bell Bundy before WKU-UK game

Riverfront Park Map

Chris Rutledge

Before WKU and UK square off on Thursday, singer/actress Laura Bell Bundy will perform a free pre-game concert 5:30 p.m. at Riverfront Park in Nashville. Last year, Bundy released her first country music single “Giddy On Up,” landed a recurring role on the television show “How I Met Your Mother” and also managed to stay caught up on one of her other passions, college football.

While Bundy said she is a hometown fan, Bowling Green isn’t the town she calls home. She grew up in Lexington and is a lifelong supporter of the Wildcats. The Herald caught up with Bundy on Tuesday to discuss the free show.

Q: How did this concert come together?

A: I was called by someone affiliated with my label and asked if I would be interested in doing a concert. And I was like, “‘Are you kidding me? Doing a concert for a bunch of people in Kentucky? That sounds amazing.” I am super excited about it. I hope a lot of people come out. I know it’s at (5:30) p.m., kind of an awkward time for a concert, but if they’re heading up to the game they might as well start tailgating at my concert.

Q: What can we expect from your show?

A: I like to give a pretty high-energy show. I like it to be a show. I don’t just stand there and sing in to a microphone. We’re moving around and trying to entertain people. It’s very active, high energy country music.

Q: Are you a big college football fan?

A: I’m a huge UK fan. My grandfather actually did the Coach Rupp shows with (former UK basketball) coach (Adolph) Rupp. He would do sports announcing and all that kind of stuff back in the day before I was born. And when I was born, we had season tickets to the games. We’re always either at the games or watching the games with family. Our family activities are always catered around University of Kentucky basketball and football games. We tailgate as a family and we watch the game as a family. We’re pretty obsessed. It’s bourbon balls and beer cheese and potato chips and UK games. All of the best memories I have with my families have to do with UK games.

Q: Who’s your pick for winner?

A: Is that even a fair question to ask? It sucks, because I’m sure if WKU was playing anyone else I would be totally rooting for them. But in this situation I bleed blue.