Noon Tunes rocks outside of DUC on WKU campus

Buffalo Rodeo performs a single off their new EP “Wanderers” outside of Downing University Center last Wednesday as part of Noon Tunes. Every member of the band is a Bowling Green resident and WKU freshman this semester. Buffalo Rodeo was booked for this event because Station Manger Kayla Dowdy of Revolution 91.7 said she had seen them at a few house shows.

Chris Rutledge

CORRECTION: Due to a Herald error, Downing University Center Evening Program Coordinator Trinity Gonzalez’ name was misspelled in a page 14 article of the Herald’s Aug. 30 issue.

Due to a source error, the Herald mis-identified the Noon Tunes concert series’ beginning as a year ago in that same story. Gonzalez said Noon Tunes began in at least three years ago as a DUC-sponsored event before Revolution 91.7 became a co-sponsor last year.

ORIGINAL: Louisville freshman Austin Peck and his friends were enjoying lunch on the Downing University Center patio on Wednesday, barely paying mind to the five scruffy freshmen beside the steps setting up sound equipment.

But guitarist Nathaniel Davis struck a chord with Peck and his pals when his band, Buffalo Rodeo, started its set.

The group spent the rest of lunch bobbing heads along to the bearded quintet’s garage-rock stylings.

Buffalo Rodeo was on campus playing Noon Tunes, a bi-weekly concert hosted Thursdays by Revolution 91.7.

Peck was impressed that the campus hosted events such as this and welcomed the music.

“It gives you something good to listen to while you’re eating with your friends,” he said.

Revolution Program Director Stacie Hewitt said Noon Tunes started a year ago, when DUC Evening Program Coordinator Trinity Gonzales contacted Revolution.

“She asked us if we wanted to help her book bands for it and set up our tent and turn it into an event,” Hewitt said.

Hewitt, a Nashville senior, said Revolution books the bands while Gonzales handles the logistics.

“We really like to keep it local,” she said. “We had Cage the Elephant last fall, and it was really cool. Afterward, they sat at our table and signed autographs.”

When Peck heard Cage the Elephant had performed in that same spot, his eyes widened.

“Now that would be something I would want to see,” he said. “I’m a big Cage the Elephant fan.”

Peck wasn’t the only one excited about Noon Tunes. Davis said Buffalo Rodeo was appreciative of the gig.

Because Davis, a Bowling Green freshman along with the rest of his band, is underage, his band has a hard time getting gigs.

Davis said Noon Tunes is a great opportunity not only for bands, but also for music fans.

“When you go to a show, it’s usually a house show or a venue,” he said. People have to go out of their way to get there, and usually have to pay. It’s a lot of effort. Out here it’s just, you’re at DUC. You don’t have to go out of your way and you get good music.”

Bowling Green freshman Kristen Dallas went to high school with Davis and came out to support Buffalo Rodeo. When Dallas arrived, she realized she really enjoyed the environment.

“It’s a really good atmosphere,” Dallas said. “You can meet new friends, hang out and listen to the same music. You can dance to the music or just eat.”