Colton Jessie: These are the best years of our lives

Colton Jessie

Colton Jessie

Like many of you who are graduating in just eight days have probably been doing, I’ve been asking myself, “Wait, didn’t I just get here?” There have been many times that I thought graduation couldn’t get here soon enough, and now that it is here, I’m wondering where the time has gone.

It is hard to believe that four years ago I moved into Minton Hall. On the fifth floor I lived with people who would become some of the best friends that I will ever have. They played a big role in shaping the person that I am today, and many of them went on to shape this university into what it is today.

I would go way over the word limit if I were to list all the names of the prominent individuals I lived with on that floor, but there were some great things that went on there. Things like working on the ONE Campaign to end poverty that gained WKU national recognition, and also things like posing for an all-floor picture in our boxers to use as a Christmas card.

It’s funny remembering all the silly things we did, but it is also interesting to think about how much we have changed. When I was a freshman I never would have thought that I would be SGA president.

People tell you your whole life that the times that you spend in college are the best years of your life. That’s kind of depressing when you think about it; there are still many years ahead of us, and the best of them are already over.

I’d like to think that there are still great times ahead of us, but as good as these past few years have been, it wouldn’t be hard for me to believe that these years at WKU have been and always will be the best years of our lives.

Congratulations to all of those I have the pleasure of graduating with this spring. It has been a pleasure to be on this campus with you and an honor to serve as your student body president.