WKU will close part of College Heights Boulevard for repairs

College Heights Boulevard closing

Amira Ahmetovic

College Heights Boulevard between College Street and Alumni Drive will be closed for repairs beginning on Tuesday.

The repairs are part of WKU’s transition to two-way traffic on College Heights Boulevard, which will go into effect after construction is completed. Officials estimate repairs will finish on June 15.

Bryan Russell, director of Planning, Design and Construction, said road failure and dry holes will be repaired and concrete will be built at bus stops.

 “The original road base wasn’t sustainable to traffic today,” Russell said. “We’re rebuilding the base.”

The road where the bus stops are located now is made of asphalt, which was not built to sustain the weight and the traffic flow, Russell said.

The Hub Lot, located next to the Rock House, will also be closed while these repairs are made.

Detours will be established to maintain access to Florence Schneider Hall and Alumni Drive via the lower portion of College Heights Boulevard. Vehicles will approach from University Boulevard at Parking Structure 1 and turn left onto College Heights Boulevard.

The portion of College Heights Boulevard between Parking Structure 1 and Florence Schneider Hall will be two-way for duration of the project.

Because sections of 14th Avenue are now closed, providing College Heights Boulevard with two-way traffic will improve traffic circulation from the west side of the campus to the Hill, said Jennifer Tougas, head of Parking & Transportation Services.

Tougas said parking demands decrease during the summer, but alternative parking for the Hub Lot is the 14th Street Lot, Kentucky Street Paved Lot or College Hill.

Avenue of Champions will not be affected by construction, and Hilltop Drive will remain open.